Aspirations for a sustainable world

The rate of development across the planet has reached unprecedented levels and whilst this undeniably causes countless challenges it also provides countless opportunities.  With a global population projected to reach 9 million by 2050 combined with an expectation of higher living standards the demand to innovate has never been greater.


The opportunity for disruptive technologies to bring change is enhanced in a globalised interconnected economy.  The need for sustainable development has been acknowledged and ratified by governments, industry and the broader populous but will only be achieved when the economic positives incentivise behavioural change.

It is within this context that SRS operates.  We have worked across the environmental, building services and energy industries and understand the change that is required in the MENA region for businesses to prosper in this new landscape.

Sustainability is what defines us

Our knowledge of the sectors we work in is what differentiates us from other recruitment service providers - all of our staff have spent at least 5 years recruiting staff in these industries and it is rare a week goes by without a client or candidate commenting on our technical knowledge

Get in touch to learn more about our track record in hiring Hydro Construction Directors, PV Design Engineers, Project Finance Managers and Legal Counsels for some of the biggest renewable energy developers, EPC's, Consultants and Investment Companies

SRS staff have over a decade of experience in the recruitment of Environment & Sustainability professionals and have a client list including government regulators, R&D centres, consultants, waste management operators and NGO's.  Get in touch to learn about current opportunities.

Green Building Rating Systems, stricter building regulations, reduced subsidies on utility bills and a greater understanding of the benefit of a lower long term opex are just some of the drivers ensuring a greater focus upon design, build & management of more efficient building stock.  Get in touch to learn more about our services.