Renewable Energy

The drive towards renewable energy is no longer being solely championed by environmental scientists concerned about the effects of global warming.  With a growing body of case studies proving the ability to be cost competitive with conventional power generation technologies the renewable energy industries is enjoying unprecedented growth.

IRENA  now estimates that the renewable energy industry employs 8.1 million people around the world (excluding large hydropower), which includes a 5% increase from 2015.  These figures are in stark contrast with depressed labour markets in the broader energy sector and offer governments across the MENA region the opportunity to balance energy generation with local job creation.


With 20+ years involvement in the sector helping Developers, EPC's, Consultants, Manufacturers, Utility Companies and Research Centres hire the best staff SRS offer a unique insight into how employers can hire the best staff at the right price - a tricky task to negotiate for newcomers to the Middle East.  Our previous successes range from headhunting of internationally proven senior management, to designing attractive national recruitment plans.

Browse below to get a snapshot of the disciplines we cover:

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

CSP offers an unrivalled advantage on many other renewable energy technologies with the application of utility scale storage solutions now in operation on a range of global locations.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • Legal Counsel - International EPC

  • Construction Manager - Local Contractor

  • O&M Manager - Asset Management Company

  • Business Development Manager - EPC

Photovoltaic Solar Power (PV)

The availability of solar to provide cost-effective and increasingly reliable power generation capacity is reflected in the boom of the MENA PV sector.  SRS work with a wide variety of clients leading this charge.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • Regional Sales Manager - Manufacturer

  • Rooftop Solar Director - Government Entity

  • Financial Controller - Developer (C&I)

  • Senior Design Engineer - EPC

Wind Power

Record prices have caught the headlines in recent years with a growing confidence in the ability of wind power to provide a steady power generation capacity without subsidies.  With mega-projects ahead in Egypt and Morocco the wind industry remains a core component of the diversification away from fossil fuels for many policy makers.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS Staff include:

  • Construction Director - EPC

  • Siting & Permitting Manager - Developer

  • Renewable Energy Consultant - Consultancy

Hydro Power

SRS have significant experience in the hire of staff for hydro power projects from utility grade plants across Africa to micro-generation systems for remote communities.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • Senior Civil Engineer - Project Management Consultant

  • Construction Superintendent - Contractor

  • RE Project Developer - Developer

Energy from Waste (EfW)

Energy from Waste incinerators are heavily featured in the policies of GCC Members as an effective tool in reducing waste to landfill and provision of stable baseload electricity generation.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • EfW Consultant - Consultancy

  • VP Alternative Energy - National Energy Company

  • Technical Manager - Organic Rankine Cycle Company

Smart Grid Innovations

Demand Side Management strategies being implemented across the MENA region are investing heavily to ensure that the latest technologies are being utilised to maximise the delivery of power generated to customers.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • T&D Section Manager - International Consultancy

  • Business Development Manager - Manufacturer

  • DSM Analyst - Government Entity