Environmental Management

The increasing understanding of mankinds footprint on the natural environment is leading to an ever growing scientific, political and economic consensus on the need for greater conservation and regulatory control.   Environmental resources management aims to ensure that ecosystem services are protected and maintained for future human generations, and also maintain ecosystem integrity through considering ethical, economic, and scientific variables The good news is that there is often a symbiotic relationship between positive environmental and commercial management - whether that be through national governments asserting a polluter pays principle, Life Cycle Analysis highlighting efficiencies in corporate supply chain management or in the positive PR that a "green" ethical brand generates.  Conversely, environmental disasters such as Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico have led to an ever-escalating clean-up bill and PR disaster which has impacted significantly on BP's profitability & shareprice.  Environmental performance is no longer a luxury factor for consideration during times of economic prosperity and subsequently the breadth of environmental job opportunities is increasing year on year.

SRS have direct experience of helping multinational PLC's, governmental entities and cutting edge R&D centres in hiring the best possible staff to combat these issues.

An overview of the disciplines we cover include:

Environmental Compliance

Whether it be through the compliance with increased pollution control standards, Environmental Audits, HSE, Emission inventories or other environmental controls the requirement for industry to know what they are emitting & mitigate this as much as possible is greater than ever.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • Head of Air Quality - Industrial City

  • Policy Specialist - Environment Regulator

  • HSE Manager - National Mining Company

  • Environmental Manager - Construction Contractor

Biodiversity & Conservation

Terrestrial & Aquatic ecology form key parts of both the public psyche when considering the environment and act as critical canaries in the mineshaft when monitoring the wider health of our biospheres.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • Environmental Head - Dredging Company

  • Principal Ecologist - International Consultancy

  • Director General - International Agricultural Research Centre

  • Senior Marine Scientist - Government Entity

Water Resource Management

Whether it be in Water Quality Control, Flood Risk Management, Greywater re-use or demand side management planning the inescapable fact of the scarcity of potable water places an extremely high toll upon the Environment.  Recruiting staff to minimise this impact is where SRS can help.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • Flood Risk Manager - International Consultancy

  • Water Quality Section Head - Industrial City

  • Director of Research & Innovation - Research Centre

  • Business Strategy Manager - Manufacturing Company

Environmental Planning

The EIA process is the backbone of many regulatory regimes and form a critical tool in managing the impact of economic diversification in developing countries across the MENA region.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • ESHIA Specialist - Environmental Consultancy

  • Environmental Manager - Construction Contractor

  • Environmental Planning Lead - Engineering Consultancy

  • Sustainability Analyst - International Financial Institution

Waste Management

Through greater understanding of the underlying value of the waste stream effective recycling, waste management and minimisation programs are being developed across the region.  Get in touch to learn how you can benefit from SRS's expertise.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • Hazardous Waste Manager - Waste Contractor

  • Recycling Policy Advisor - Government Entity

  • Demolition Waste Site Manager - Waste Contractor

  • Energy from Waste Consultant - Consultancy

Contaminated Site Remediation

SRS have hired remediation experts from all over the world to help assess and then divise innovative solutions to contaminated sites utilising a range of technologies from in-situ bioremediaton through to large civil works.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • Senior Remediation Scientist - Project Management Consultant

  • NORM Specialist - Contractor

  • In-situ Bioremediation Manager - Environmental Service Provider

  • Contaminated Land Consultant - Consultancy

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In recent years CSR has evolved from being viewed as optional philanthropy to a fundamental pillar of corporate DNA with the opportunity to maximise  profitability & reduce risk.  With the increased recognition of this trend by all business sectors SRS are pleased to see a gradual growth in the volume of job opportunities across the MENA region.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • CSR Analyst - Government Entity

  • Regional Sustainability Advisor - International FMCG Company

  • Corporate Governance Advisor - Financial Institution

  • CSR Director - International Oil Company