Building Services

The MENA region is synonymous with sleek cutting edge building design juxtapositioned against traditional arabic architecture.  The marriage of how to design prime real estate whilst still factoring in the harsh climatic conditions is a constant challenge for engineers and architects across the region. SRS have decades of experience working with consultants, contractors, building product suppliers & manufacturers across the region and have an extensive network of contacts for our clients can tap into.

The sometimes forgotten role of Facility Management companies is increasingly gaining exposure due to the new economic reality that utility subsidies will continue to be cut in years to come.  SRS's exposure across the FM industry enables us to understand the differing challenges facing different parts of the Building Services sector and adjust our assistance accordingly. 

A snapshot of the disciplines we cover are:

MEP Design 

The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering systems are those that consume energy in our built environment and are the direct interaction between the resident and the building. 

Design and development of mechanical electrical and public health systems are key to safe and energy sustaining operation of buildings. 

SRS work with engineers who can provide successful solutions to achieve maximum efficiency, consuming less time and lower costs.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • Senior Mechanical Design Engineer - International Consultancy

  • Public Health Design - International Consultancy 

  • Electrical Head of Department - International Consultancy 

  • Commissioning Manager - International Consultancy 

  • LEED Independent Commissioning Authority - International Consultancy 

Structural Engineering

Any building and any structural element or component” must be designed to “provide strength, stability, serviceability and durability”.

Structural engineers are part of the analysis and design of structures, and are involved in the co-ordination, review and management from the design stage onwards.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • Structural Head of Department - International Consultancy

  • Lead Structural Design Review - International Consultancy 

  • Structural BIM Consultant - International Consultancy 


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are usually designed by mechanical engineers and typically account for 30% or more of a buildings total energy use. These systems are often some of the biggest sources of energy waste, but also provide some of the largest opportunities for both energy and financial savings. An effective HVAC strategy is essential for a sustainably operating asset. 

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • MENA Business Development Manager - International HVAC Manufacturer

  • Sales Manager - Multinational Manufacturer 

  • CFO - Multinational Manufacturer 


Building Information Modeling used as a digital management and communication tool for optimal engineering design, construction and management of an asset. BIM is used for collaboration and information management by stakeholders and asset owners.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • Mechanical/Electrical/Structural BIM Consultants - Various 

Facility Management 

Facility management is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. An asset or facility manager will need to integrate the principles of business administration, architecture, and the behavioral and engineering sciences to enable the day to day running of buildings covering a diverse range of services all designed to deliver a safe, compliant, clean and efficient working environment with services that are flexible and adaptable to change. SRS have provided FM recruitment for critical facilities and corporate headquarters, to industrial, manufacturing and R&D sites

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • Engineering Facility Management Team (saudisation project) - International FM Service Provider 

  • Contracts Manager - International FM Service Provider 

  • Technical Services Manager - International Hotel Group

  • Building Services Manager - Data Centre

  • Soft Services Manager - International FM Service Provider 

Building Materials 

How do you construct a sustainable building with inefficient, unreliable or poorly interconnected materials?  You don't....

SRS works with a range of manufacturers to ensure they have the best staff to consistently innovate and bring their products to market.

Previous assignments undertaken by SRS staff include:

  • Sales Manager - European Fire Protection Manufacturer 

  • Sales Director - European Water Management Solution Provider 

  • Specifications Manager - International Sanitaryware Manufacturer